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Nim Notes 11/11/2020

Fiddle Fu*%#r

Nim Notes





Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream:

*Note: I am sick af rn so I was falling in and out of sleep during this Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream.



- A patch is supposedly coming next week.


- Weekend Bonus: 10% Reaper XP and ViP xp boost 11/12-11/15


- Randomly generated shields will have their effects adjusted to lean towards more defensive enchantments rather than spell power and such.


- A mentioning of a quest pack adding more quests to the Feywild setting.




DDOcast Ask the Devs Feywild edition:



- Raid will be early next years, after the holidays. It will not be as hard as THTH. This raid will be similar to PN with its story. It will have the same characters of the expansions quest line but will deal with a different story arc.

- Lynnabel put a secret in the item sets.

- soulforged augments replace or gives a set bonus to an item. its a colorless augment and wearing three items with these augments will count as a 3 piece set.


- Epic Destiny pass was mentioned, no real details


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