Nim Notes 5/27/2020
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Nim Notes 5/27/2020

Fiddle Fu*%#r

DDOCast's Ask the Dev's Youtube:

DDOCast's Ask the Dev's Transcript/Forum Post:



Nim Notes




DDOCast's Ask the Devs!:

Note: To save time I'm using the transcript posted by LeeLionxxx in the forum to help with my notes to save time and to speed up this note drop. Thanks LeoLionxxx for your post 😀


Trap Finding Feat Tip:

- I guess you need Trap Finding feat to utilize all your spot skill to find traps at a certain point.


1:09 Hardcore League:

- Hardcore Season 3 was reveal to be hosted by an Archon and have a celestial theme and a twist was alluded to.


1:16 Feywild Expansion - U48:

-New race & Iconic: Shifter - "shifting" ability will be tied to Barbarian rage, Howl buff/debuff ability (shifting will be based on the same mechanics of rage. As in you would still be able to "shift" without rage.)

-Iconic will be barbarian that uses hand wraps to claw and tare at enemies.

-Scope will be similar to previous SSG expansions

-Unicorns are confirmed


- Displacer Beast and Red Caps were mentioned a lot around here too.


1:21 U46.2 Patch:


- 3 New Warlock Pacts

- Random loot update
- Goal: Give a sense of mystery; "what if random loot was cool"
- Also to do a deep dive and fix bugs around material types and such
- Weapons and other loot have breakpoints about their features (should be no more +0s)
- Loot scales well with max level increase
- More caster staffs vs. Lammania


- Jewels of fortune:
- Turned into "Crumbling Jewels of Fortune" with instructions on how to redeem for Treasure hunter elixirs
- If Jewel of Fortune buff is already applied, treasure hunter buff will be applied for same duration of equal strength of the Jewel buff. ( if you have both a treasure hunter elixir and a jewel active when this goes live, one will be suppressed/hidden behind the active one so it will appear that you lost one.)
- Hunter Elixir does not increase chance for Mythic/reaper boost (adding that they said this was a design choice (mostly because the elixir existed before the boost)


- UI Skinning; new assets will be available once it goes live.


- At Some Point the Devs mentioned that arrows will now break breakable doors.



1:34 Lag!

-Have fixed a large number of performance issue over past couple of months

-In U46.2 (mostly invisible):
-Re-did how bonus caster levels work
-Major change to how Reaper enhancements sit on a character: reaper buffs applied on instance load, instead of whenever a player does a thing, such as swapping weapon sets

-Adjustments to physics engine
-Optimizations for 64-bit client rendering



1:39 Character Balance!

-Evaluating things while looking at level cap increase; little changes made through out the year may be tied to upcoming features they're not ready to discuss

-It's recognized that bows do not feel like where they should be, but they would like to at some time address it


1:43 Legendary Raids!

-Looking to bring 3 old raids up to level 32 in U47; Lord of Blades, Master Artificer, and Visions of Destruction
-Revamping Heroic/Epic LoB & MA loot:
-Upgrades will have no cost
-Old materials will be exchangeable for other Sharn/Cannith Crafting materials
-Legendary alchemical weapon will drop fully formed, no crafting needed (Lynnabel mentions in the thread I posted above that she may make Toven's Hammer drop fully upgraded or just allow it and other items from flagging quests and slayer zones in House Cannith upgrade without mats (tbh I believe this is what she is saying idk))


1:48 Stealer of Souls!


- It's on the list. Lynnabel has a bone to pick with Reaver's Refuge flagging and the NPCs, but the lower the starting point the content has, the lower it is on the list of packs to revisit is on SSG's revamp list.

- Reworking the Dragontouched crafting and flagging mechanic is highly desired.


1:49 Mega Servers!

-Conceptual in nature; no solid plans
-Lots of technical hurdles, would be long process


1:52 Isle of Dread

- Not in the docket yet, but still desired to be done by the team of SSG.


1:54 Item Augments!

-Would be "An exerted amount of effort"
-Detailed plans have been made, but would take a total of 6-months worth of dev time (cumulative time from 3 different devs).
-Not this year, but hopefully in the future.


2:00 Wrap Up!

-U47 will have free quest
-June will be busy for announcements




Wednesday Livestream!


- Weekend Bonus! heroic and epic xp 10% boost starting May 28th through May 31st!


- Hardcore server transfers are back and available through June 9th!


- Displacer beast is basically confirmed during this stream.


- Hardcore league isnt going to be once a year, it will be more "regular"...



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