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Welcome to the High Lords of Malkier website

There are many resources here for everyone, including non-guildies.  Our forums have public threads including our builds, quest guides and raid guides. You can also check out the resources tab for many helpful links to DDO essentials like puzzle solvers, crafting planners, etc.


Interested in joining us?

High Lords is a decade old guild with a thriving roster.  We never have open recruiting, however we do occasionally take in people who we feel are a good fit into our guild community and culture. If you are serious about wanting to join us, you should review the information below and run with us as much as possible to get to know us.  This especially means joining raids, as the raid scene is the heart of the High Lords community. It takes time to get to know people and for us to feel comfortable that someone would be a good fit here, and this can take weeks or months and there is no guarantee to get in.


Ideal candidates will be:

  • Interested in running with and being a part of a diverse, coed, multicultural and LGBT friendly community
  • Friendly, social and drama free
  • Must be 18+ years old (most of us are in our 30's and 40's)
  • Active players who play often and have been playing DDO for at least 6 months
  • Interested in raiding and participating in guild events
  • VIP or own most content
  • Preferably use in-game voice chat
  • You love DDO but you know it's just a game and don't take it too seriously
  • Fits well with our guild culture and humor of practical jokes and inside jokes
  • Interested in bringing all alts in guild, as High Lords is an all-in guild (except for bank toons and mules)


People who have no place in High Lords: solo players, greedy/selfish players, elitists, egotists, short tempers, drama queens, racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, anti-semites or you really don't like getting greased, skull headed, sleet stormed and dancing belted.


Note that there is nothing here about skill level.  We do not care about how many past lives you have or if you can solo legendary elites and reapers or if you've been playing since beta.  If you are trying to impress others with your video gaming skills then this is not the guild for you.  High Lords has players with a variety of skill levels, from high-end to casual, including many long time average players.  We all play together and High Lords is like our online family.  We are very careful about who we take into our guild, just as you would be about taking someone into your family's home.


If you think that all sounds good and you're wondering what to do next...  you don't even need to tell us you're interested.  Just start running with us.   Details about our public raid events are below.  After you've run with us for at least a few weeks and you still feel like High Lords is the place for you then you can contact Voodu, Vooduspyce or Gingerspyce for more information.


Our public raid events 

High Lords hosts many public raid events every week. These events are newbie friendly and we're happy to teach first-timers what they need to know to learn the raids. If you are new to the raid, please let us know.  If you're interested in running with and getting to know the High Lords, our public raids are a great place to start! People who regularly join our public raids often get invited to our other guild raid nights when we have space. Please have sound and be willing and able to follow instructions.  For event details, visit the Sarlona forum at Raid Nights with the High Lords of Malkier!


Teaching Raids 

During the winter and spring we host teaching raids for new players and players looking to learn raids better. These events are for raid newbies, first timers and even people who have run raids before but still feel lost or have more to learn. The 2022 teaching raid series has concluded.  We hope to bring teaching raids back in January 2023.  

In previous years we did videos and live streams of the events.  You can check out our teaching raid videos for every raid in the game in the DDO Guides & Strategies Forum here!


We hope to see you in raids soon! 

Voodu and the High Lords of Malkier




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