Nim Notes 9/25/2019
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Nim Notes 9/25/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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Nim Notes



Wednesday Live stream:


-  The downtime today was a third attempt at fixing pathing of mobs (it was labeled a temporary fix).  A possibility that there will be an extra world restart in the next few weeks; the issue is with the AI pathing physics engine, where it builds up over time and starts bogging down, which they are going to address. So this is just a temporary possible fix.


- Buddy Bonus 5% raids and party boost for every member in your group other than yourself: September 26th- September 29th!


- Last day of Veteran Status 3!


- Night Revels start date still not announced but will have at least 1 new dungeon added this year!


-  Inquisitive was confirmed to eventually be available in the DDO store!


- September 26th will see the release of the code for the Path of Inspiration adventure pack, most likely in the DDO Chronicle!


Hardcore League News:


-  They were able to clear out dead people's names from the leader board which seems to have fixed the issue without bringing down the server (Even though the server randomly went down this morning, but it's back up)!





Posted : Wednesday, September 25, 2019 3:10 pm