Nim Notes (7/24/201...

Nim Notes (7/24/2019)  

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Nim Notes



Wednesday Livesteam!


- Cordovan relayed that the Player's Council has a large amount of previews to wade through and comment on; information about class changes and things that are nearly completed and almost ready to be completed. I know we got a few Player Council Folk in the Highlords of Malkier, keep up the good work in your honest and constructive criticisms of our future gaming experiences. 


- Project Nemesis, the second Masterminds of Sharn expansion raid, is set to go live next week. Get on your fire resist because we are going back into Alcorin's Forge to finally settle things in this story arc.


- Cocomojobo is working on getting Lamania up later today for a huge preview of U43: This will include the Epic Destiny updates and such. No forum posts about this as of this posts creation, but keep an eye out.



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Maistir Nimvind
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Sharn Raid 2 preview:

Adventure Pack Preview (Spoilers):

Pale Master Preview again:



Primal Sphere Preview:

Divine Sphere Preview:

Arcane Sphere Preview:

Martial Sphere Preview:


XP Changes Preview:

-Some XP changes to quests:

10% lower quests are Grim and Barett, The Jungle of Khyber, Spies in the House, the Litany of the Dead.

10-20% increase quests are TOEE 1 &2, Precious Cargo, All of Mines of Tethramar, Black and Blue, the Newcomers.

5%-10% increased quests are Under the Big Top chain quests, High Roads chain, Slaver Lords chain, Tower of Frost, Legendary Shroud Flaggers, Against the Demon Queen, Chain 1&2 of MoTu + In the Belly of the Beast, the Riddle, Made to Order, Memory Lapse, the Price of Freedom, Reaver's Refuge chain, Sentinels chain, DoJ flaggers, Haunted Halls of Estar and the extended version, Stormhorn chain, Red Fens chain, Reign of Madness chain, Epic Wheloon chain. The Cursed Crypt (And we want to move the failure condition to optional if we have time) But none of this is final and your input can help guide them with these decisions on xp changes.

-Bravery Streak will be changed to Hard Dungeons Completed and Elite Dungeons Completed. Bravery will no longer end. Thus making it impossible to end the streak as it is now not an option. They will still track your elite and hard quest completion in quest UI, but you dont need to do 5 elite quests for max bonus.... They are just going to give it to us. BB will be based o the base XP of the quest as if it is elite, even if you are not doing elite and is now 100% of base. Though going in on Hard gives you 50% but you get the other 50% if you come back and do elite/reaper. So now the Hard Completions and Elite completions are seperate and barely related totals. Only related by the amount of the 100% xp bonus you gotten from the quest.

-Daily bonus is increased to 25% in heroic and 30% in epic dungeons.

-First Time xp is being decreased to pay for the new Bravery Bonus xp amount. Normal is now 10%, Hard now 20%, Elite now 45% and Reaper 75% instead of its 120%. This is also part of their way to promote diversity in dungeon delving rather than farming any particular dungeon over and over.

-Optional XP will now reset on True, Racial and/or Iconic Reincarnations rather than over time like chests. But they will ransack slower and gives SSG room to allow them to give greater rewards. The ransack period is not set yet though.

-You can now do Reaper at level of the dungeon on elite. I.E. if the dungeon is 13, but 15 on elite then you get full reaper xp doing the quest at level 15. Welcome back to the Elite Streakers era. Also now the level stop for HEROIC Reaper Entree is 4 rather than the 6 that it is now, so you cant enter example dungeon for instance if you are higher than 17 or lower than 9.

Multipatch/Update Preview:

-New Feat: Swords to Plowshares. Requires +4 Base Attack Bonus, and is also available as a Monk Bonus feat at levels 1, 2, and 6. The feat grants Quarterstaves, Kamas, and Sickles a +1 Morale bonus to their Critical Threat Range.

-The maximum number of extra Maximum Hitpoints you can benefit from in Reaper Mode (from taking Reaper Enhancements) is now gated by character level:
Level 1-5: Maximum of +50 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
Level 6-10: Maximum of +100 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
Level 11-15: Maximum of +200 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
Level 16-20: Maximum of +400 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
Level 21-25: Maximum of +800 Maximum Hit Points while in Reaper Mode
Level 26+: No Cap

-Harm no longer requires facing.

-Killer instincts is no longer listed in your debuffs.

-Heroic Bonecrusher will always accept sentient weapons, the Devs know it does and they are cool with it.

-Incite bonuses on most items have been tripled to help tanks keep incite, actually a lot of incite bonuses in enhancement trees are a lot higher now.

-Night Revels stuff is now rotten

-Optional xp now ransacks down to 20% and never recover till reincarnation

-And more; you can read all about it in the link above.


Item Preview:

- Only Note I want to point out is there is a caster set for Necromancers that finally includes armor and not just robes... so yeah, rejoice.
Also new filigree sets
Click on the link and see for yourself.


Reaper Changes and Tweaks:

Ok Here we go... phew.... Deep Breath.

-Creatures have less amount of damage resistance to melee, magic and ranged dps. This will mostly show on Boss fights. The formula details in the link.

-Helpless damage boost is nerfed to 1.25 instead of it's 1.5 now.

- plus 4 to mobs saves, CC will last 25%less in R10, CC will have a minimum of 6 seconds duration.

-Threat and Incite will be increased a butt load to help tanks keep aggro.

-The monster's spell pen is now increased to 1 + Reaper level (1-10) times 4, to break our spell resistance.

-Incorpreality will be reduced in Reaper, by the same amount as Blur and Displacement.

-Dodge will cap at 95% now.

-Charmed mobs will no longer do reaper monster damage. But they wont get the dps debuff reper mode applies to players.

-Reapers will now be tougher to kill.

-NEW REAPERS: 1 type in all levels of reaper skulls and some only in r6+. Expect some new mechanics with them. Think on your feet and work with your team, we got this.

-HP given by reaper points are now limited by character level; 1-5: 50 HP, 6-10: 100, etc etc.

-Lost Souls now drop more with bigger parties and higher reaper skulls.

-You can now do dungeons at elite level for rxp, but in heroics you got to be within 4 levels of BASE challenge rating of the dungeon (Idk if this means of the level of the quest on normal) in heroics and 6 in epics.



Sorry, I live next to the ambulance store.

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