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Nim Notes 12/9/2020

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U48 Patch 2 Notes:



Nim Notes






Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream!


- U48 Patch 2 went live today. Link to notes up above. Lots of great news on augments and Feywild fixes,


- Winter Recipes turn in open till January 5th, this will be the last time they are useable.


- The Jester is here. Coins end Jan 6th. Jester staying around till Jan 13th.


- A new winter event is coming. All the loot from the old events will be moved over. But recipes and the crafting system is getting ditched. Winter Recipes can now be turned in till January 5th then they wont be able to be used ever again. The Risia Ice Skates will be useless, but the Devs want to figure a way to add a function for them in the new event.


- They are looking into optimizing the snow effect.


- Hardcore transfers opened till Jan 3rd.


- Some funny business happened to Season Pass holders was supposedly fixed with this patch.


- Weekend Bonus Heroic XP 5%: Cordovan didnt state the duration of this bonus during the livestream.


- December Deals 1 is wrapping up today, but tomorrow starts a new line of big sales in the DDO market and store.


- Cordovan heard rumblings of a sentient gem or two coming to the game in the future.





Posted : Wednesday, December 9, 2020 2:02 pm