Nim Notes 12/4/2019
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Nim Notes 12/4/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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Nim Notes



Wednesday Livestream!


- December Deals kick off tomorrow!


- Weekend Bonus: 10% Heroic and Epic XP Dec 5th - Dec 8th


- Tomorrow (maybe if things go right) should see U44.1 patch


- U44.1 brings cookie drops and other Festivult stuff and a week later the Jester, cookies will stop dropping on January 6th and Jester will go away on January 13th.


- They are aware of the Server issues, its on both games (LOTRO and DDO) and they are in the investigation phase of finding out whats up. There might or might not be a server restart with the patch tomorrow but nothing confirmed. Something thats being investigated is that possibly Guild Ship instances are not collapsing as they are supposed to causing server weight down, but nothing for sure.


- Alchemist will be in update 45 (January-ish)


-  Defensive fighting was applying its debuff to Attack numbers that will be fixed in the patch.


-  Horses will have a dance after patch, dismount in taverns, will work in the underdark. They will also get more animations and sounds.


-  Lich in Amber Temple should be fixed in the patch.


- We are going to have to be patient with the server performance issues.

Posted : Wednesday, December 4, 2019 1:09 pm