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Nim Notes 11/25/2020

Fiddle Fu*%#r

Nim Notes





Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream!


- There is work in the future for Monster Manual


- A patch is being worked on with some minor fixes for DDO. There wasnt a time given but expect this coming in the near future.


- Black Friday Sells coming soon TODAY.

   the Old DDO Market

      ~ 11/25 - 1/9/2021 50% off Ravenloft Ultimate, Standard and Collectors Edition; Shadowfell Conspiracy Legendary,   Standard, Collectors Upgrade; Menace of the Underdark Standard and Base Editions. These items will no longer be in the Old DDO Market after January 9th 2021. They will be re-release (possibly with different bonus items) in the New DDO Market where Feywild is available to purchase.


    The DDO Store

      ~ 11/25-12/30: Double Bonus Points + lesser or greater elixir of discovery (depending how big of the DDO Points bundle you buy); Otto's and Tenser's Boxes available through Nov 30th. 35% off Universal Action point tome +1, 50% off +8 Ability tomes and the +7 to + 8 upgrade tomes, 75% off the wish for memories all races



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