Nim Notes 1/8/2020
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Nim Notes 1/8/2020  

Maistir Nimvind
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Nim Notes





Wednesday Livestream with Special Guest Strimtom!



- Weekend Bonus:  5% Reaper XP boost


-  New Filigrees will definitely be coming in the future though not U45!


- During Strimtoms questions they (SSG peoples) mentioned they are steering clear of doing blanket resistance items. Hence why there has been items only for Will saves or Reflex saves etc.


- Knight of the Chalice update is coming in u45.  Ranged weapon compatibility will be added for those who worship the Silver Flame. Some of the first and second tier abilities have been moved up or into the cores due to the fact that you wouldn't benefit from them till later on like turn undead and remove disease. They want those tiers to help level 1 and 2 paladins. Weapon line to hit and damage, Knights Training weapons can become favored weapons, the tier three weapon line also gives great sword as a favored weapon, 4th tier gives you the feat Knights Training. They added range attacks to the tree. Note there is nothing that will be added to give paladins the ability to get bastard swords as a favored weapon yet in the tree. Dwarven Axe though will be added in the dwarven racial tree to become a favored weapon.


- Bastard Swords might also see a surprise boost in u45.


- Inquisitive will see "changes" in u45.


- General changes to the Deity feats coming in u45.  To Hit bonus to All favored weapons. Beloved and Child deity feats are meld into one single Child and Beloved feat.  When u45 goes live and you have these feats they will be updated to the new feats.


- Lamannia potentially next week. Alchemist, Inquisitive, and Knight of the Chalice will be there.



* Special Note: There was a more in depth Q&A on Strimtoms channel. IT hasnt posted on Youtube since I wrote this so a lot of that information isnt in here, may add later if I get to it.

Posted : Wednesday, January 8, 2020 5:10 pm
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Update 45 does not have a new adventure pack in it, but does add higher-level options to two existing adventure packs. You'll read more about it soon.

Posted : Friday, January 10, 2020 9:29 pm