Nim Notes 3/4/2020
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Nim Notes 3/4/2020  

Maistir Nimvind
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Pax East 2020 Meet Up News:

Update 45.3 patch:

Producer's Letter 2020:



Nim Notes




Pax East News!


- Unicorn art was revealed for the Feywild!


- Feywild is supposedly going to have unique terrain to it, so expect no recycled trees and terrains from other parts of the game.


- Also other things were discussed such as servers, megaservers, guilds, and even personal housing. Check it all out in the link above.



Wednesday Livestream!


- Patch 3 of update 45 went live today, information in the link above.


- Weekend Bonus: Double Mysterious Remnant (Drop Chance, not amount of remnants) March 5th- March 8th


- Final weekend for the Anniversary Event!


- The Plan from the Gatekeeper Grove is to move a lot of the Gatekeeper stuff from the Hall of Heroes to the Grove and according to the producer's letter "Spring will bring a new adventure pack set in Stormreach, where the Gatekeepers need your help to determine the fate of some missing acolytes in the Cerulean Hills, and investigate the sudden appearance of a strange hut in the Harbor." The link to the producer's letter of 2020 is also posted above.


- We heard from Pax East that Unicorns are coming with the Feywild, we assumed this will be a mount, but there was also a chance they could of been atmosphere for the Feywild, but we were right. Cordovan mentioned them as mounts in the livestream today. So expect to have a single corned mount later in the 2020 year.


- Beta on the 64-bit has been smooth so far according to Cordovan, though there has been few bugs reported (obviously) he said he expects it to leave Beta soon, which implies a fix to these bugs and a refined finished product of the 64-bit client is on the horizon. Though it is also been put out that even LOTRO had to fix bugs after they refined their 64-Bit clients. So be understanding and report any issues to keep game experience smooth and pleasant!


- It was mentioned that SSG is making progress to the TR cache behind the scenes to possibly make it similar to the sorting situation they added to the Shared Account Bank. As you know they updated the Shared Bank recently to sort things by item type, name, and level etc.



Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2020 3:47 pm