Nim Notes 10/9/2019
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Nim Notes 10/9/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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 Patch notes:


Nim Notes



From the Patch Notes:


- Night Revels begins on October 10th - ending in November 3rd


-  Bloody Footprints will now be viewable by everyone!


- And several other fixes, read the patch notes to see whats what!



From the Wednesday Livestream:


- Smashing Pumpkins is the title of the new quest challenge in Night Revels this year!


-  Before the last 30 days of Hardcore (middle of next week) there will be a guide on what you'll need to do and can do for things such as transfers and such. So stay tuned for more information on the Hardcore League transfers.


-  Catalina MAC clients dont support 32 bit clients like DDO is (currently) so if you use a MAC product stay with the WINE.


-  Double Commendations of Valor starts October 10th going through October 13th!



Posted : Wednesday, October 9, 2019 1:07 pm