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[Sticky] So you wish to change your Iconic first level to something else...

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Changing your first level of Iconic into something else with a +1 Lesser heart of wood.

a MAJOR tip: you don't need to empty your TR cache when doing a lesser of any kind. It remains intact. If you empty it you will have all your stuffs in your pack and full bank and will end up having to sell and crunch all your good stuffs that you worked so hard to get and craft to get room. More of us have accidentally done that than we care to admit, without realizing because we did not know.

ok lets make the change:

First level up to 15 with what you wish to be/create. 
Go to reincarnation grove and select what you wish to do with your +1 Lesser heart of wood. Log out.
In Character creation when you begin, look carefully at your creation screen.
Do NOT choose Iconic, because you already are an Iconic character.

You change to what you are wishing that first level to be right away.

for an example, I wish to change my first level Iconic Aasimar Scourge from a Ranger to a Cleric. 

Select SPELL and then choose the Cleric. .....Path is custom.

Boom, you are good to go.                                     

Note: so for example, if I wanted to change my Iconic Assimar Scourge first level into a fighter, then I would have chosen 'Melee' /Fighter, and gone from there. 

Or, maybe I wanted to change the first level of my Deep Gnome Wizard  to become a Druid, I would select to "Spell"/Druid.

or if I wanted to change my Shadar-kai first level Rogue to something else, just pay attention to your style and class choice.

here is what it looks like to change to Cleric: first I choose play style spell:

[img] [/img]

then, I chose Class Cleric  ... and continued

[img] [/img]

I hope this helps,  may your crits be high and your loots grand,

~ Littlemama

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Posted : Saturday, August 31, 2019 12:28 pm
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Just wanted to add to my post:

The +1 Lesser change that I speak of in my thread, is just to simply change the first level class that comes with an Iconic character.
This gets changed immediately when you open your character screen and choose 'reincarnate' and the second you enter your reincarnation character creation screen as I show above.

When you are multiclassing however, and wish to change more, then that is when you would utilize perhaps a higher lesser heart ( +1 ,+3, +5, all the way up to using a +20 heart of wood).   covers a lot of questions about lesser reincarnating

One must be VERY careful tho, as you are only allowed to have THREE classes in your build. At no point during the reincarnation process can a character have more than 3 classes in total.

Pease do so carefully and slowly and don't do it if you are tired or weary. There is a give and take dynamic to multiclassing.
If it is your first try at multiclassing, then perhaps try a build that is posted on our Build forum or the ddo forums and see if it is something that may match your playstyle preferences. You will loose the availability of a capstone when multiclassing and have some limitations, but sometimes the results are just fun and if you are ok with that, then that is good.
Now I myself would not recommend multiclassing right out the door on a new toon. I have tried multiclassing on my toons that have rather good stats (eaten a supreme ability tome of +6 or higher) some good basic past lives, extra skill tomes etc. 

What if you want to 'tweek' your build? Have I changed feats after  heroic levels, while running during my epics levels? yes, I have... you can still do that, but researched it carefully  first, to see if it will not change things too dramatically and gone to visit Fred in house Jorasco or did the quest in the Marketplace to change a feat.
(Usually only to try something different and see how I like it, because I do experiment)

I hope this helps clarify some points, 
so with all that,
wishing you happy loots, awesome crits and fun,

~ Littlemama 😊 

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Posted : Tuesday, September 3, 2019 6:39 pm
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Excellent information Littlemama, thanks for posting

Posted : Wednesday, September 4, 2019 9:55 am
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.. just bumping this up, to make easy to find, as many peeps inquire how to do this 🌺 🤗 

Posted : Sunday, December 20, 2020 11:30 am
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Such good info, I made it a sticky so it will always stay at the top of this forum

Posted : Sunday, December 20, 2020 1:58 pm