Nim Notes 9/18/2019
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Nim Notes 9/18/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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 The Anniversary of F2P page:

 Patch Notes for Todays Patch:


Nim Notes!




From the Wednesday Livestream!


- Weekend Bonus: 20% guild renown (not in Hardcore League) starting September 19th through the 22nd of September!


- For MAC users: there is going to be a new Wine client that SSG will be prompting you to get since the old one is buggy.


- Night Revels got some new items and a new dungeon coming this year! (No Specifics on exactly what is being made yet just that there will be some new stuff, not a lot, but some)


-Pathing of mobs has been fixed (?)


- Based shared bank slots are now 30 (from 20) and a fix has been thrown in where ViP was being granted bank upgrade #22 without buying the 10th anniversary bundle!


- Veteran Status 3 is starting on the 19th (late morning eastern) through the 25th; players can (during the time span) create level 10 characters.


- the Anniversary Bundle is going to be in the DDO store long term but only available once per account!


About Hardcore League:


- Bloody Footprints will not be seen by others. It's only for your eyes when rewarded.


Posted : Wednesday, September 18, 2019 1:08 pm