Nim Notes! 8/7/2019
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Nim Notes! 8/7/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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DDOPlayers anouncment:

DDOPlayers Interview

DDO's preview thread for hardcore League:




Nim Notes



Wednesday Livestream with Cordovan:


About the Hardcore League Server: -August 16th to November 15th (both are Fridays)
                                                                                - free transfers out limited time, need a character slot open
                                                                                - Level 10 & above deaths will be announced server wide.
                                                                                -If you gain a reward and then die, as long as you talk to the reward NPC (Mortality) you

                                                                                  have it on the first toon you log into on that server (Like when you receive expansion bonus items)

Rewards as of now are:

-1750 favor dark eyes cosmetic
-5000 favor bloody footprints cosmetic
-10 reaper points a cloak
-20 reaper points another cloak
-level 20 the bloody reaper pet



-About this week's BONUS:

+5% vip xp


Crystal Cove August 8th to August 18th






- About Alchemist: A cool casting class that feels different.

                                        Throws stuff to give buffs, can specialize in toxins and poisons.

                                         Full spell casting class, wide 90 unique spells.

                                         Dart throwers.

                                         Three unique spell schools. The trees are specialized in two of the three spells types.

                                         Smash bottles or roll them on the ground, throw flasks in a straight line.

                                        They will have access to a bunch of buff spells, and the ability to craft potions with short timed buffs that can for example boost rogue skills. You can pass these potions to other members of the party.

                                        Acid and poison damage types for damage elements.

                                         Hopefully released on update 44!


- About Next Updates Items: Enchantment spec gear for warlocks and bards
                                                             Necromancer set that includes multiple armors and not just robes!
                                                             Alchemist set (just stuff to have for when the class is released)


- About Keep On the Borderlands: They may add to it from the original module and rework some story aspects to make it fit into DDO.


-About Night Revels and Winter Events: Reworking and and tweaking the loot was mentioned.

Posted : Wednesday, August 7, 2019 1:47 pm