Nim Notes 8/28/2019

Nim Notes 8/28/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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Nim Notes





From the Wednesday Livestream!



- Double daily dice on non hardcore servers August 29th - September 2nd

- Mob pathing issue (may) have been fixed. If not SSG is working on a patch that will go live in the next week.

- U43 is (still) coming soon


- 64 bit client news: they are kinda working on it but no new news on it currently.


Hardcore League stuffs:


-Not working as intended: your reaper xp position in hardcore league leader board is supposed to be wiped after death, though this is not how it is working currently. It will soon be fixed.


- Bloody footprints currently only show to yourself and not other players.


- The level 20 lock out in hardcore mode is not working as intended, but no word on it being an urgent thing to fix. But also Cordovan said it may and or could be fixed eventually.  (Basically if you take level 20 you are locked out of heroic quests regardless of difficulty you try to enter them)

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