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Nim Notes! 8/14/2019  

Maistir Nimvind
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Update 42.4 Release Notes:


Nim Notes



U42.4 surprise patch!

(There is some things left out because they are minor and such but the link to this patch is above)



- Creatures in Reaper now have less damage resistance all around, ramping up slowly as the skulls increase.

- Creatures in reaper now have +4 saves versus spells

- Creatures now have better spell pen in reaper (they have wizard past lives lol)

- Incorporeality is nerfed as much as blur and displacement in reaper mode. 

- Charmed monsters lose their reaper damage bonus when charmed.

- Reaper's Defenses are increased

- New reapers: Some in all skulls, some more in r6+ (I've only seen two in heroics running the spectrum of skulls)

- Lost souls are now tied to the party size and the skulls of the dungeons. Less souls for smaller party in lower skulls of reaper difficulty, higher for bigger parties in higher skulls.

- Fear reapers damage now scales better in higher level of dungeon delving.



- Bravery Bonus is now permanent and split to hard and elite streak. You get 50% of the 100% bonus if you do hard but can get the other 100% by doing it (the quest that is) again on elite. Which means you do not need to do 5 quests to get your full bonus and now you do not need to pause your BB so the bravery marshals are gone to unemployment.


- the BB was previously 70% of base quest xp, but now is 100%


- Daily bonus is now at 25% rather than its previous 20% in heroic and epic is now 30%


- First time bonuses have decreased though due to the above changes as follows: Normal: 25% to 20%

                                                                                                                                                   Hard: 40% to 20%

                                                                                                                                                   Elite: 80% to 45%

                                                                                                                                                   Reaper: 120% to 95%

Meaning That xp for the heroic side will be relatively the same as it were if you do the maths, but in epics will be a slight increase in general.


-  Optional Experience rewards are now ransackable and the only way to reset them is through a true, racial, iconic or epic reincarnation.


- In heroics you can not enter a dungeon if you are 4 levels above base challenge rating of a dungeon, and 6 levels in epic. The wording they used for this it seems base challenge rating is the level of the dungeon at normal difficulty. Still Epic leveled characters can not enter heroic leveled dungeons.


- Reaper experience now follows the rules of normal experience! Examples!

    A level 14 character gets full experience running a level 12!

   A level 15 running a level 12 quests gets full experience but not bravery bonus

   A level 16 character running a level 12 quests gets no BB and a -10% over level penalty

   A level 17 can not enter the level 12 quest as they are more than 4 levels above the quest level.


-  The following quests had their xp slightly decreased: Grim and Barrett

                                                                                                    Jungle of Khyber

                                                                                                    Litany of the Dead

                                                                                                    Shadow Crypt

                                                                                                    Spies in the House



The following quests have had their XP raised: Desire in the Dark

                                                                                          Records of the Past

                                                                                          Graveyard Shift

                                                                                          Third Time's a Charm

                                                                                          Strike Back

                                                                                          Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1

                                                                                          Temple of Elemental Evil Part 2

                                                                                          New Comers

                                                                                          Black and Blue

                                                                                          A Small Problem


                                                                                         The Snitch

                                                                                         Under the Big Top

                                                                                         Fathom the Depths

                                                                                         The Claw of Vulkoor

                                                                                         The Last Stand

                                                                                          Into the Deep

                                                                                         White Plume Mountain

                                                                                         Slave Pits of the Undercity

                                                                                         Assault on the Aerie of the slavers

                                                                                         Fashion Madness

                                                                                         The Lord of Stone

                                                                                         Terminal Delirium

                                                                                         Palace of Stone


                                                                                         Rest Stop

                                                                                        A Stay at the Inn

                                                                                        The End of the Road



-  The following epic Destinies have had revamps and retouches: Grandmaster of Flowers

                                                                                                                      Legendary Dreadnought


                                                                                                                      Fury of the Wild

                                                                                                                      Primal Avatar

                                                                                                                      Shiradi Champion

                                                                                                                      Unyielding Sentinel

                                                                                                                      Exalted Angel

                                                                                                                      Divine Crusader


                                                                                                                      Draconic Incarnation




- New feat: Swords of Plowshares: Requires +4 Base Attack Bonus, and is also available as a Monk Bonus feat at levels 1, 2, and 6. The feat grants Quarterstaves, Kamas, and Sickles a +1 Morale bonus to their Critical Threat Range.


- Thief Acrobat's second core enhancement now grants Swords of Plowshares feat even if you don't have the requirement for the feat.


- Threat Generation from enhancement trees are now boosted!


-  Reaper enhancements bonus hp is now capped by your level as follows:

       levels 1-5:  50 hp

       levels 6-10: 100 hp

       levels 11-15: 200 hp

       levels 16-20: 400 hp

       levels 21-25: 800 hp

       levels 26: no cap!

This hp is only applied in reaper mode, and this new hp cap also provides a way to not spending a bunch of access points in lower levels thus not having to reset to rearrange them later.


- New Epic Arcane Past Life! Stance: +3 MRR (up to 9 MRR)

                                                     Passive: 1% Absorbtion of Acid, Cold, Electric, and

                                                                     Fire per stack (up to 3% and stacks with the

                                                                     other arcane past lives passives.)


- New Divine Epic Past Life: Stance: +5% Positive, Negative and Rapair Healing    

                                                                   Amp (Stacks 3 times for a total of 15%)


                                                      Passive: +3 PRR per stack (up to +9 PRR and stacks

                                                                                                    with other divine passives)


-  New Martial Past Life: Stance: +2 Tactical DCs, +1 Assassin DCs per stack

                                                              (Up to +6 Tactical and +3 Assassinate)


                                                Passive: +2 AC & +1 per 10 levels (up to +6 and +3 per

                                                             10 levels and stacks with other martial passives)


-  New Primal Past Life: Stance: +2 attack, if two handed fighting style +2 damage

                                                           ( up to a total of +6)


                                           Passive: +3 HP & +4 per 10 levels (up to +9 and +12 per

                                                             10 levels and stacks with other primal passives)


- Pale Master has been passed!



- New level 9 spell for Sorcs and Wizzies!: Rend the Soul!


- Harm spell no longer needs you to face your target.

-Falconry's Killer Instinct shant be in the debuff section.

- Bardic Healing over Time song shall be quieter for now on.

- Sorc's fireball sla from fire savant should target like the spell of the same name.

- Several fixes on enhancements across many classes that stops you from moving.

- Dodge now caps at 95% total.

-Base damage multiplier for hitting helpless foes is decreased to 1.25

- Druid wolves now have a 10% attack speed

- Druid winter wolf now has a 20% attack speed

- Wolf and winter Wolf can get more attack speed in Natures Hunter ( 15% and 30% respectively)

- Dragonborn Black Dragon Breath is now conjuration.

- Dragonborn Dragon breath now scales with 100% of spell power

- Dragonborns True Power also adds conjuration DCs besides its evocation DCs


- Incite, Insightful Incite, and Quality Incite bonuses on items  have been tripled

- Elemental Bloom and Bone Crusher are now gooder

- Epic Bone Crusher and Heroic Bone Crusher now both accept sentient gems!

- Night Revels candies and mats are junk now

- Epic Purifying Quiver shouldnt be a jerk about the blunt dr is provides.

- Shattered Device and Shards of Mechanus filigree sets work with ranged dps now.

- Reaper Bonus on Goggles  now function proper like

- Epic Slave Lords crafting system requirements have been super reduced

  Unbound mat costs are now 100 from 400. 

  Bound is now 50 from 100

  Augment slot costs are now 100 from 200


-  Grotto swim is now set to filthy casual difficulty.

- HoX and Legendary HoX is back at it again with the reaper mode!


- You can hide guild renown chat in the UI options now.

- Auto ship entree is now a thing instead of a text box asking you if you'd like to go to your guild air ship.










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