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Nim notes 7/22/2020

Fiddle Fu*%#r

Nim Notes




Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream


- There has been some lag issues, SSG suggests not to do Hardcore till they are fixed, but they did not close the Hardcore Server.


- The lag has taken a lot of SSG's attention which has slowed down the server maintenance. This is also slowinf down lamannia preview 2 of U47.


- After U47 preview 2 it will be released. Then "shortly after Feywild's preview"


-  Sarlona is still next for the server maintenance. They are thinking maybe next week and one server per day.


- It was mentioned that Hardcore league will recieve some sort of compensation for the issues thats been happening.


- No specifics besides Data Server issues was given for the lag.


- Weekend Bonus: 10% Heroic and Epic xp boost 7/23rd - 7/26th

Topic starter Posted : Wednesday, July 22, 2020 4:07 pm