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Nim Notes 6/10/2020

Fiddle Fu*%#r

Nim Notes



Wednesday Livestream:


- Weekend Bonus: Buddy Boost Weekend. (Cordovan wasnt sure and it wasnt listed what the percentage and if it included raids or not) June 11th through June 14th.


- Shadowfell Conspiracy and Menace of the Underdark Expansions are 99 DDO points in the DDO store (in-game store). Got to Search in the DDO store for them. I use the Keywords "Menace" and "Shadowfell" in the Search Bar to find them fast.


- The Free Access to content is extended to August 31st, being shut off the morning after.


- DDOfreequests is the coupon code (enter it in the in-game DDO store, in the coupon section) to gain all the packs currently in game (excluding expansions) now through August 31st.


- The Dev team is trying to figure a way to give the reaper fix to people who cant afford to reset their trees. Hopefully by tomorrow they can fix this issue.


- Hardcore League season 2 transfers are going to stay open till "early next week" for those who still have an issue transferring characters out.


- Hardcore season 3 is coming out "later this month"


- Hardcore League is going to be Angelic themed, and the Host is in the Hall of Heroes now. You can ask about the prizes:

1750 Favor: Archon Helmet

5000 Favor: Archon Mount


10 Reaper Points: Season 3 Cloak

20 Reaper Points: Archon Lantern Pet


Level 20: Season 3 Sash


- Hardcore League season 3 will provide extra lives at (possibly) levels 8 and 16. TRing will reset (the 1UPs dont roll over) but can be re-obtained at levels 8 and 16 (the levels are set in stone yet but those are the levels Cordovan threw out there).



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