Nim Notes 5/20/2020
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Nim Notes 5/20/2020

Fiddle Fu*%#r

U46 Patch 2 Preview lamannia Notes:

U46 Patch 2 Preview lamannia Random Loot Revamp Notes:

U46 Patch 2 Preview lamannia New Warlock Pacts:


Nim Notes




Wednesday Livestream!


- Lamannia is live with u46.2 patch and there is a bunch of changes. I posted the link to the notes above so you can read over them on your own instead of typing it all here.


- Random Gen loot is getting a huge revamp, some items prior to ml 10 can have 3 enchantments and a random material type and ml10 and up can have 4. Quarterstaves can have up to 6 enchantments.


- Warlocks are getting the Celestial pact (Xanathars Guide to everything 5e) which gives electric damage to eldritch blasts and eventually allow you to kinda turn undead and weaken non undead, you must be good aligned. the Abyss pact; you must not be good aligned, get negative energy on eldritch blasts and eventually can become undead. Carceri Pact, Cold damage to eldritch pact, and a perma hold of ice on a single target. Thats right, no time limit (remember this is lamannia and they may tone this down)


- You'll be able to turn in your Loot Gems to Treasure Hunter Elixirs when this goes live due to how the random loot gen changes will make them obsolete.


- They arent updating Cannith Crafting YET to go with the new Random Gen Loot change.


- This patch should be going live in the next few weeks!


- WEEKEND BONUS! Buddy Boosts including raids 5% per person that's not you in the party starting May 21st till May 24th!


- Final weekend for Otto's box may 24th!


- Temporary shut down of transfers from hardcore server out, there has been an issue with character IDs which cause them to have auto fail transfers, SSG is on it. Should be fixed within the next couple of weeks. But they identify what exactly is the issue so the fix will make this a non issue now and forever!


- Russia blocked DDO's website, but then unblocked it in Russia. So now Russian player's can get on the website!


- The work to improve the Character transfers that would be critical for server merging in the future is being done, but megaservers or server merges is still a long ways off.


- Odds are good that Nightmares will become steeds in the future!



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