Nim Notes 2/26/2020
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Nim Notes 2/26/2020  

Maistir Nimvind
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14th Anniversary Event link:!

Update 45.2 Patch:



Nim Notes




Wednesday Livestream:



- Update 45.2 Patch is live today. Mostly includes several bug fixes. Link can be found above.


- This is the final weekend for the Anniversary DDO Store sell. This includes the Tenser's Weapon Box, the +20 Hearts of Wood (that includes a bonus +5 heart of wood), and discounted +8 Ability Tomes!


- After this Sunday +8 Ability tomes will be added permanently to the DDO Store!


- Weekend Bonus is 10% VIP xp boost!


- HAPPY14 is the code for the Anniversary Gift! It's a Sentient Dragon Gem voiced by Cindy Robinson (she did work on kobolds and Menace of the Underdark expansion) and this is 1/account. Make sure to redeem this on the server you want it on. It is currently bugged where you can sell it by accident and Customer Service will not reclaim it for you if it is lost! This bug will be fixed in next update. The code is good till December 31st 2020. More information in the link above. Sentient Gems are Bound To Account. 



Posted : Wednesday, February 26, 2020 5:15 pm