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The Whooopass Fury Wolf Build (Grandolff the Ancient ~ Littlemama's Alt)  

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The Whoopass Fury Wolf Build ~ Grandolff the Ancient (Littlemama's Alt)

*note: this is my tweeked version of a DPS wolfie suited to my love of barbarian and two handed weapon use. It does utilize a lot of 'clickie' maneuvers being a wolf, plus I utilize 3 Epic Destiny trees that I choose to use depending if I need a bit more dps or hitpoint tankie situations. (Fury of Wild is my fav) and sorry, I use scribble notes not a fancy chart, so .. please bear with me..

Aasimar Scourge

Druid/Barb/Cleric   8/6/6
True Neutral

Grandolff has +7 to all stats, one racial point, past lives are Sorc, Warlock, racial Aasimar and Deep Gnome.

You will need a +1 lesser heart of wood to change the first level of Ranger to Cleric once you get to lvl 15.

My melee power toggle increases more depending on buffs, rages and destiny trees, base is about 147, 38% - 55.45% double strike, again, depending on destinies and such these ratings go up.

Strength base 94 and it gets higher, again, depends on boosts and destinies etc.
My heal amp base is 107 and goes up to 210

Hit points with my Fury of the Wild and using my Leg Green steel 3x positive maul is around 2846. Spell points 1104. (you can see in the images I post below later in this thread)

With enhancements that I have chosen to use, I am able to cast Druid spells whilst raging, which is nice. I do use Epic defensive fighting,   ~ toggled 'on', which requires me to have to literally run up to someone and lick them to cast any healing or buffs or a Boss DOT. (but you can toggle this off to help heal/buff peoples from a distance if needed)
I use the the Silvanus deity ( which gives you proficiency with Mauls) , and Cleric Strength Domain

OK so lets go..
we start with 1 Ranger, 8 Druid, 6 Barbarian. use a +1 lesser heart and change the first level to cleric,
and then 8 Druid, 6 Barbarian, the rest Cleric as you level
so you end up as  ~ 8 Druid/ 6 Barbarian/ 6 cleric
I maxed out skills Heal, Spot, UMD, Intimidate, some points in Balance, Jump, Tumble, Hide, Concentration, and eventually leftovers for Swim, Spellcraft

Now, I did not write down my starter stats but they were around Strength 17, Dex 12 , Con 14, Intel ? , Wisdom 16, Char 14. I know I used as much as I could in Intel for more skill points. As I leveled I chose Strength stat all the way. 

My Feats: Stunning blow, Wolf, Natural Fighting, Bear, Natural Fighting, Winter Wolf, Natural Fighting,
Weapon focus Bludgeoning, Favored Silvanus, Power Attack, (now you will end up with Favored by Silvanus, Child of Silvanus and Blessing of Silvanus),
Toughness, Domain of Strength tier 2, Blessing of Silvanus, Power Critical, Cleave, Perfect Two Weapon Fighting, Perfect two handed fighting,
 Great Cleave, Dire Charge and I chose my personal flavor ' Scion of Limbo' .

In order to view the photos larger, simply click on the image and click again once on imgur to enlarge them

My Spell lists are: Druid :    and  Cleric:

My enhancement trees are again my personal flavors:

My Epic destiny choices are, ( I do not have all filled as you can see )  so these three are my own flavor choices:
Fury of the Wild:
Legendary Dreadnaught:
Unyielding Sentinel:

My gear setup for now is what I have until I am able to pull certain new gear out of the new raids and all, so don't laugh.. ok.. smiles are good..
These get me decent stats and Whoopass:

Helm:  Legendary Mighty Stormreach Guardian helm

Goggles crafted: Tendon slice 12, Spot 21, Wis 15, slotted water breathing

Light Armor:  The Legendary Wildwood Vest

Wrist:   Mysterious Bracers (Level 21) with Draconic Soul Gem and dex +8

Ring:   Legendary Band of Insightful Commands with Proof against disease slotted.

Boots:   Legendary Knife Toed Boots  mythic 1 plus saphire of good luck 2 ( +2 stack to all saves and skill checks )

Gloves: crafted double strike 16 %, Insightful strength +6, strength +8 * I have not pulled good gloves yet !

Ring:   Legendary Ring of Prowess

Belt:   Legendary Plateshard Belt

Cloak:   Legendary Mantle of Fury

Quiver of Alacrity

Trinket:  Legendary Symbol of the Slave Lords  with slotted Resistance +7 and natural Armor +7
I also have the trinket  Hands of the Dawn Healer when I want to help heal in the party.

Neck:   Legendary Rose Quartz Sigil Stone

Now I do have clickie gear such as my Planar Gird for GH, my flask of displacement and masks etc..

Some of my favorite weapons that I have so far, but, I have yet to pull the Maul out of Babas !
My Legendary Green Steel triple positive Maul:
My Legendary Syranian Maul:
I do use the MorningLord Maul:

* so for now wishing you Happy Loots and Xp .....   from Littlemama Whooopass !!!

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Posted : Sunday, August 18, 2019 5:05 pm
Littlemama Whoopass
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*postscript note... I already have some new updated gear and when I can will update.  Some of the new gear is real nice !  Always room to improve!

Happy loots and Xp from Littlemama  

Posted : Monday, August 19, 2019 1:41 pm
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Changing your first level of Iconic into something else with a +1 Lesser heart of wood.

a MAJOR tip: you don't need to empty your TR cache when doing a lesser of any kind. It remains intact. If you empty it you will have all your stuffs in your pack and full bank and will end up having to sell and crunch all your good stuffs that you worked so hard to get and craft to get room. More of us have accidentally done that without realizing because we did not know.

ok lets make the change:

You level up to 15, creating what you wish to be carefully.
Go to reincarnation grove and select what you wish to do with your +1 Lesser  heart of wood.  Log out.
In Character creation when you begin, look carefully at your creation screen.
Do NOT choose Iconic, because you already are an Iconic character.
Select SPELL and then choose the Cleric. Path is custom.
Boom, you are good to go.


here is what it looks like:   first choose spell

[img] [/img]

then choose your Cleric

[img] [/img]


*wishing you lots of good loots and xp

~ Littlemama

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Just wanted to add this to my post, in case anyone missed it on my other thread:

The +1 Lesser change that I speak of in my thread, is just to simply change the first level class that comes with an Iconic character.
This gets changed immediately when you open your character screen and choose 'reincarnate' and the second you enter your reincarnation character creation screen as I show above.

When you are multiclassing however, and wish to change more, then that is when you would utilize perhaps a higher lesser heart ( +1 ,+3, +5, all the way up to using a +20 heart of wood).   covers a lot of questions about lesser reincarnating

One must be VERY careful tho, as you are only allowed to have THREE classes in your build. At no point during the reincarnation process can a character have more than 3 classes in total.
Pease do so carefully and slowly and don't do it if you are tired or weary. There is a give and take dynamic to multiclassing.

If it is your first try at multiclassing, then perhaps try a build that is posted on our Build forum or ddo forums and see if it is something that may match your playstyle preferences. You will loose the availability of a capstone when multiclassing and have some limitations, but sometimes the results are just fun and if you are ok with that, then that is good.

Now I myself would not recommend multiclassing right out the door on a new toon. I have tried multiclassing on my toons that have rather good stats (eaten a supreme ability tome of at least +6 or higher) some good basic past lives, extra skill tomes etc. )

What if you want to 'tweek' your build? Have I changed feats after  heroic levels, while running during my epics levels? yes, I have... you can still do that, but researched it carefully first, to see if it will not change things too dramatically and gone to visit Fred in house Jorasco or did the quest in the Marketplace to change a feat.
(Usually only to try something different and see how I like it, because I do experiment)

I hope this helps clarify some points,
so with all that,
wishing you happy loots, awesome crits and fun,
~ Littlemama 😊

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Posted : Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:47 pm
First Lifer

I'm playing almost exactly this build right now.  Its fun and works pretty well, but I think it is the most active and frantic build I've ever played.   I just solo'd EE red fens and it made me tired!

I'm interested in your rotations.  So far I have:

Enter:  shield, fom, jump, ram's might, harrowing pack, magic fang, GH clicky, DW clicky.  Refresh as needed.

Pre-fight: displacement clicky if I think the fight will need it.  Blitz, Reaper Strike, AB Melee Power, Rage.  One or more of:  Flight, Uncanny Dodge, Thick Skinned if I get below half hp.

Open with either Go For the Kill or Trip or Lay Waste depending on number and placement on mobs.

Two mobs or less, rotate, trip and stun to keep both locked down and stop incoming damage.

More than two mobs:  Lay waste, Momentum Swing, Cleave (I'll be adding G. Cleave soon.)   Keep all these on timer.  Then rotate: Go for the kill, Trip and stun to lock mobs down when lay waste is on timer.  Slaughter, Baiting Bite, Anvil of Thunder on primary target when not pressing those other buttons.

It makes me tired just typing it.  I feel like I might be over thinking it.   I feel like a rabid chihuahua/squirrel in a winter wolf body.

Thoughts on the rotations?  What other things do you do?

Posted : Sunday, November 17, 2019 5:12 am
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Posted by: @rydd

It makes me tired just typing it.  I feel like I might be over thinking it.   I feel like a rabid chihuahua/squirrel in a winter wolf body.

Thoughts on the rotations?  What other things do you do?

Hi Rydd,

yes, it is a wild wolf.. lol 😊   I am glad you are having fun with it, altho I wish the attacks could act longer timewise to save all the clickie mashing. With good gear and weapons on top of it all, yes the damage is very solid dps.

I pretty much rotate a similar pattern as far as attacks and buffs. Depends on what I am attacking I will vary it differently.  I would add that keeping myself raged is key plus when my rage runs out and am fatigued, drink a lesser restoration and top up buffs right away and rage again.  I use Energy sheath Fire from the Draconic tree a lot. You still do a lot of damage in between the specialized attacks. Test it on our dummy in the cargo hold to see the comparisons with each weapon you have. 

This build is like Redfortee's High DPS build, he states a warning that those who don't like using high amounts of clickies and attacks and want to use it solo in high level reaper mode may not like to try it. 🤗   It is really meant for grouping and raid dps.   I enjoy it solo, but don't use it in high reaper solo.  After a while you will develop a routine of attack and it won't seem so tiring. 

One thing you may like to try to help slow down mobs, is with level 3 spell.  Swap out the salt ray and use Sleet Storm to slow mobs down. Just have to make sure you have Fom.  Throw down a Sleet storm, and an Ice Storm on the spot you know the mobs will be, then cleave away etc. Also, I love the spell Tsunami out of the Primal Avatar tree, as it knocks down a big group of mobs quite well with the cold damage too. If you are able, do try the Tsunami, I think you will like it. Mobs on the floor can't hit you while they are helpless.

I keep my Lay on hands and maybe Renewal or Rejuvination Cocoon at hand to buff myself in a tight situation on my hotbar near my attack clickies. Or use them to help heal anyone near me if need.  You can see my hotbar basic layout in this image:

When things get dicey I use my Greensteel Maul with Legendary Affirmation to boost up my hitpoints, then swap back out to the weapon of choice for the mob I am attacking. 

I can't think of any more off the top of my head. Oh, I did get my Maul out of Baba !! woot !!!  

I don't know what level you are at Rydd, but it gets easier once you are high level and have your routine down. 

~ Littlemama

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oh, maybe I should add, that I use the Fury of the Wild Destiny lots, so I like Unbridled Fury, Adrenaline Overload... And use my Primal Scream. 🤗

~ Littlemama

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