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Littlemama Whooopass' Fire Sorc " The Hawt Whooopass "  

Littlemama Whoopass
Dick Dancer Supreme

Littlemama Whooopass Fire Sorc Build 

 " The Hawt Whooopass "

Heya everyone, Littlemama here.
This is my current Build that I am having a lot of fun with. If you like nuking stuffs and enjoy casters like me.. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Now that I have a few more racials and stuffs under my belt with some of the new gear, I have gone all 'glass cannon', and this is a much more aggressive build as far as nuking stuffs. This is a different build from what I did in (link) Reaper Life 2 and 3.  I have to be a tad more careful when in attack mode being a glass cannon, but the damage is awesome.

ok so let's go:

Race is Tiefling.
True Neutral

Starting stats:
Str 8, Dex 8, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 20 ~ level ups are all Charisma.
My current stat tomes are: all have a +6 with Intel +7.

Feats are : Mental Toughness, Maximize, Imp Mental Toughness, Heighten, Enlarge, Spell Pen, Greater Spell pen.

Skills :  I did max my UMD, points are in, Spellcraft, Heal (for my finger and wail etc, because I love to use it) jump, concentration, tumble, when leftover put a bit in balance.

I utilize augments : Evocation, Greater Evocation, Necromancy, Greater Necromancy, Enchantment, Greater Enchantment. And others when I have the room to slot them as needed depending on my gear. You can get these in Gianthold at the augment vendors there.

My Spell list: (Scrolls and Wands can be your friend to open spell slots, such as wands of Blur early on, or scrolls of Fire Shield, teleport, GH, spell resistance, true seeing, etc.) I also use potions of Inferno, Spark and Impact, etc. that you can get in the Portable hole or other shops.

[img] [/img]

My enhancements:

[img] [/img]

My current reaper points trees :

[img] [/img]

*note:  now with your healthy UMD don't forget to get yourself heal scrolls, resurrection (raise) scrolls, etc. These are very beneficial to you and your quest mates!

I will add my Epic choices soon.
So, wishing you Awesome Crits and Happy Loots,

~ Littlemama Whooopass 🌺 🌻 ❤️

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Posted : Monday, October 7, 2019 1:54 pm
Littlemama Whoopass
Dick Dancer Supreme

Heya Everyone, Littlemama here,

Just wanted to add my Epic choices with this Build, plus a few notes....

I run in the Draconic Incarnation, Epic Destiny ( ) tree, utilizing the fire power elements and Charisma. 

I chose Epic Spell Power Fire, Master of Fire, Toughness and Scion of Fire. 

I also wish to add, that my build above shows what I use once I have reached level 20 and continue. Now, at beginning lowbie levels my spell selection changes as I go along.

Here is the list of all available Sorcerer Spells:   on the ddo wiki.

In the early stages I will use pots or wands to free up spell slots (wands or scrolls of shield, protection from evil, Charisma, Intelligence, Strength, Secret door detection, Resist energy, that sort of thing) to buff myself.  I will choose damage spells in the beginning, such as  Niacs Cold Ray, Charm Person, Sonic Blast, Web, Burning Hands and Electric Loop.  I have used the Flaming Bolt, however I find it does not target very well so can be a waste of mana. 

So for example, I may Electric Loop a Mob so that I stun them, then roast them with Burning Hands or my Tiefling Ash.  Very effective. 

I use the Tiefling tree for my early action points before I go full Fire Sorc tree.   I recommend having some wands such as fireball on hand or somesuch, for when you are low on mana and cannot get to a shrine yet. Sun Flasks from the Night Revels works really awesome too, so I recommend having them in your inventory. I also choose to use orb and weapon rather than quarterstaff, (selection in the tiefling tree, tier two traditionalist caster for extra spellpower) as you can then get more boosts for spell powers and augments stacking.   Even saving those cookies from events is rather nice!  

Getting a hireling that can give you mana may help in longer quests, just park them at the beginning and you can call them to you for that added boost. Don't forget to try and get yourself a  Bauble and Spellstoring ring

Hope this helps, 

enjoy ! ~ Littlemama 🌺 


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Hey Mama,

Thank you for posting information how you run your sorcs early on in their lives.  I've never played one before, so this information is very helpful as I work on leveling up Ms. Sternbottom. 


Posted : Wednesday, November 6, 2019 2:43 pm