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I will try to update my builds post stat squish here.  Everything below the dotted lines is pre-stat squish.

My primary build for 2022 Racial reincarnations. 12/6/2 Rogue/Ranger/Artificer

2022 Trapping intimi-tank build. 12/4/4 Paladin/Fighter/Artificer

2022 Aasimar Scourge assassin

2022 Support Bard with trap skills






Gijo’s Builds,  These are the builds I have used the most and had great fun with.  I hope they help others or give some ideas for others to try.  I am happy to answer any questions about these builds.  Happy hunting

BoloGrubb's most recent Tank Build


Bolo Grubb  Pure Fighter PDK Tank build, Awesome Defense, Low DPS




SmashBang  Decent Generalist, Loot Farmers


DjGrubb's final life build


MadamPewPew – Great Range DPS and Trapper skills


Gijo Assassin – Good Assassinate DCS, Good DPS and Good Trapper skills


Twistedsistr – PDK Ice chanter bard with ok trap Skills


Heroic TR Build


Older Racial TR Build, still good

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Updated some links, builds and screen shots

Posted : Monday, February 14, 2022 4:56 pm