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Max Doubleshot Build  

Anna´s Passionate Lover

Ok, I am revisiting / contemplating the doubleshot build, but not looking to repost a build as I would probably use the same one I have posted already (would swap lvl 30 leg feat to Astral Plane).

Since the last time I went full doubleshot, I could get around 93% standing (cannot remember exactly), however there have been some additions to the game which should push it over 100% (so always 2 arrows with a chance at 3-4).  I am not sure if I want to change things around to do this, but it might be worth a look.  I would have to see exactly how much RP and sneak attack suffers by going this route.

Doubleshot breakdown:

Standing Doubleshot Max:
Doubleshot Lvl 28 - 10%
Doubleshot PL (3x3) - 9%
Scion of Astral Plane (lvl 30) - 4%
Doubleshot Item: Leg Shadow Footsteps, Guided Sight, Van's Spectacles, or Windhowler Mask - 12%
Filigree 5pc enlightened step - 5%
Filigree 2pc celerity - 2%
Filigree Zephyr - 1%
AA Shadow Arrow - 5%
AA - Core 6 - 20%
Deepwood T5 - 20%
T4 Elf/Morninglord - 3% (although would be a huge AP investment)
Guild Ship - 2%
Set Silent Avenger - 15%
Temp Buffs:
Deepwood Killer - 20%
Manyshot - 120% (with tensor's scroll)
Divine Crusader Zeal of the Righteous - 50%
Max Standing - 108%
Max Buffed - 298%


Anything missing?  I chose enhancements based on what I think comes up to max doubleshot.  The beauty of it is you do not need to have any raid items to accomplish with the legendary Shadow's Footsteps having 12%.

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Posted : Tuesday, January 29, 2019 11:14 am
Anna´s Passionate Lover

This is out of date.  Substitute in the Sharn Wallwatch set (with Nemesis Helm) along with the bracers from Nemesis raid.  Also, Crackshot negotiator filigree set that adds both doubleshot and RP.  You can work that in with an artifact with all available slots.  I believe that should bump it over 120%.

Posted : Wednesday, August 14, 2019 7:28 am