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'Littlemama ~ Girl on Fiahhh!' Dragonborn Pure Sorcerer  

Littlemama Whoopass
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Heya, Littlemama here, I was asked by a few people to share my current Sorcerer info, so here it is. As many know I am not a completionist anything, but I do have fun 🤗 

and ya, I am a simple scribble notes persona, sorry no fancy layout ..  so here it is ..

'Littlemama – Girl on Fiahh!'  Dragonborn Pure Sorcerer

Fire Savant, Dragonborn Racial Enhancements’ with touch of Air Savant at higher level

Dragonborn race “Fire ! ” I have done the cold, and had fun with it, but found I do a ‘little’ more in most quests when I chose Fire, so depends on your play style or what you want to be doing.

True Neutral     

Starting Stats:  Str 10, Dex 7, Con 17, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 27

Taking Charisma while leveling

Skill points into:  Balance, Concentration, Jump, Heal , Spellcraft, Spot, UMD, Tumble, Hide

Feats:  Mental Toughness, Spell Focus Enchantment, Heighten, Enlarge, Maximize, Toughness or Evocation, Greater Enchantment, at level 21 Light Armor Proficiency

Whenever I can in my gear I make it a priority to slot augments of Evocation, Enchantment, Necromancy, Illusion (and Greaters of each as I level) also take special note - add Intelligence in gear where you can, as that adds to your Spellcraft skill points

I have past life Gnome, so Illusion is turned on. My Epic Destiny (3 tiers) Energy Crits is on. I don’t have anything else yet in my Epic Destinies stuff on Littlemama.

In Epic I choose: Epic Fire, Scion Fire, Arcane Insight, Ruin, Greater Ruin, Wellspring of Power.  (note: when at a boss, turn on Arcane Insight plus Wellspring of Power  at the same time, as they do stack and it really boosts your dps ! woot ! totally kewl )

Running in Draconic (Fire of course)

Littlemama’s Current Basic  Stats;

Littlemama  has +6 inherent bonus to all stats with +7 Intelligence

 Current inherent skill tomes:  +2 Balance, +3 Heal, +4 Jump, +2 Open Lock, +3 Spellcraft, +1 Spot, +4 UMD, +3 Hide, +1 Intimidate

One Iconic past life :Deep Gnome

Three Epic Past Life : Energy Crits

Four Heroic Past lives: Cleric Acquired 2x, Sorcerer 2, Warlock 1,

10 Racial Past lives

2 Inherent ranged Power,

1 Inherent Spell Power

Current Reaper points at 39 and climbing

Gear  As far as gear goes, I have been crafting quite a few items for different levels, there are a lot of good pieces available in new content, and I like to choose items that have boosts (with extra ‘quality or insightful’) boosts such as,  Insightful or Quality Charisma, Spell focus mastery, Spell Penetration, Spell Lore, Fire Lore, Lightening Lore, Void Lore etc.. for example in hand combine ‘ Flaming Forum Post’ with ‘Boltsphere Orb’

Quiver of Alacrity is a standard for me. Panosophic Circlet, Legendary Kindred Pendant, Slavelord Spinneret, Gauntlets of Innate Arcanum, Flightfoot greaves, Mysterious Bracers, Disciple of Dawn outfit or the Mist-laden vestment have the Profane well rounded (boost to Abilities) occasionally use caster orbs, Rose Quartz Sigil Stone.

For a good UMD when needed, I use my Spider Cult Mask and GH for a boost to my Raise Dead Resurrection Scroll etc. usage.

Notes:  This is based on my play style of course. I Love Sorcerer and finally decided to try it again. I found that it is not as difficult as the bad rap it is getting.

No, I don’t lead the ‘killcount’ as I sometimes did as an Artificer, but I have a lot of fun up to mid level Reaper and in Raids.  It does get dicey higher than that.  Hold or mass Hold and Charms work quite well for me and it really helps in my groupings with others. My Dragonbreath is awesome with the help of the cloak   ‘Scarlet Scale Cloak’ (Legendary version has +8 Breathweapon DC)

Higher Reaper can get tricky so being in a balanced group to assist is the key there, plus patient careful Playstyle, no zerging!!!  with the use of Supreme Ability pots for a boost if you have them, you can also get boosts at the Remnants collector as well, and grabbing ‘Lost Souls’ for your spell pool whilst questing is a must.

I use potions of Inferno, Spark and Impact that you can get in the Portable hole or other shops.

Scrolls and Wands can be your friend to open spell slots, such as wands of Blur, or scrolls of Fire Shield, teleport etc.

I will add my spell list when I can.

So enjoy and simply have fun, 😉 

hugs, Littlemama Whooopass

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