Kluege's Ranged Ran...

Kluege's Ranged Ranger Sneak Attack  

Dick Dancer

Pure Ranger - Ranged Power build with Sneak Attack and Crowd Control

HP: 1545
Estimated Paralyze DC: 71ish (higher if in reaper)
Hide: 130
UMD: 50
Standing Doubleshot: 73.94%
Standing Ranged Power: 133
Ranged Power Max Boost: 398
PRR: 143
MRR: 4

Starting Stats:
Str 8
Dex 17 (all lvl ups)
Con 16
Int 16
Wis 14
Cha 10

Ending Stats:
Str 40
Dex 80
Con 62
Int 53
Wis 62
Cha 40

1 point blank shot
3 precision
6 spell focus enchantment
9 improved critical ranged
12 weapon focused ranged or completionist
15 power critical or Greater Enchantment Focus (if you don't have wf ranged)
18 empower healing (boosts cocoon)
21 overwhelming critical
24 combat archery
26 Epic Skill Focus Hide (or Holy Strike, Epic Spell Power Positive)
27 blinding speed
28 doubleshot
29 Harbinger of Chaos or Fount of Life (different of dps vs survivability)
30 quicken
30 Scion of the Ethereal Plane.
Favored Enemies: undead, giants... really whatever is the current content, you can rework these by TR or whatever if needed.

Skills: max: hide, heal, listen, search, spot, perform, UMD, and sneak.

Spell List: 
1st: tumble, jump, resist energy, pass without trace
2nd: barkskin, protection from energy, hold animal, mass camouflage
3rd: cure mod, wild instincts, neutralize poison, remove disease
4th: cure serious wounds, FoM, summon nature's ally, animal growth

AA: 31 total
Core: 5 

T1: Conjure Arrows (can swap out after Void is available), Energy of the Wild x 3, Awareness x3
T2: Inferno Shot x3, dispel shot x2 (7)
T3: Terror, Soul magic, Dex (5)
T4: Banishing, Paralyzing, Smiting, Dex (6)

Deepwood: 41 total
Core 6

T1: Stealthy x3, increased empathy x1 (4)
T2: Survivalist, improved weapon finesse, damage boost x3 (6)
T3: Survivalist, aimed shot, Dex (6)
T4: Survivalist, Killer x3, leg shot, Merciful Shot, wis (11)
T5: Heavy Draw, Strikes like lightning, Imp Archer's focus, head shot (8)

Harper 7
Core 1

T1: Harper Enhancement, Traveler's Toughness x2
T2: Know the Angles x2

Racial (from TRs)
No points beyond the ones you get for Racial PLs, but use what you have for whatever race you are in however you want.

Epic Destiny:
Leg Dreadnought
T1: Extra Action boost x3, con
T2: Action Boost Power x3, con
T3: Crit damage x3, con
T4: con
T5: Adv Blows, Dev Crit
T6: Blitz (resistance), Pulverizer

1) Sense weakness (rank 10 - pts)
2) Pin (rank 2 - 5 pts)
3) Enchantment Specialist (rank 2 - 7 pts)
4) Cocoon (rank 1 - 4 pts)
5) Stealthy (rank 1 - 5 pts)
Total pts needed: 31 (max is 37)

Weapon1: Chaosbow sentience (Longshadow 2, spines of manticore 4, deadly rain 2) Use New Manticore 10RP filigree from Thread turn in and RP rare filigrees elsewhere. Total RP boost: 45
Weapon2: LGS Salt for slowing / good for reaper.
Armor: Leg Mist-Laden Vestment (festive int +2 slot)
Goggles: Crafted insightful wis 7, spot, int +15 (festive wisdom +2)
Helm: Wind Howler Mask (draconic soul gem) Ins dex 9, 12 doubleshot, 16 tendon slice (slows)
Neck: Leg Kindred pendant (greater enchantment focus) total +15 enchantment focus bonus
Trinket: Echo of Ravenkind (Globe of true Imp blood) 20 con, imp deception, true seeing, holy weapons/burst
Cloak: Legendary Shadowhail (+250 sp topaz) 22 hide, 22 move silent, 16 deception, ghostly
Belt: Legendary Braided Cutcord (fear immune) 4 Quality dodge, blurry, 19 dex, 4 quality dex
Ring: Legendary Nightfall (currently Empty) 9 insightful int, 7 insightful deadly, 16 reflex save, 50 PRR
Ring: Legendary Ring of Prowess (+8 resist) 14 deadly, 298 accuracy, 8 RP
Gloves: Molten Silver Gauntlets (Currently Empty) silver weapons, 16 deadly, 32% armor pierce,
Boots: Slavers Crafting 17 wis, seeker +17, UMD +7, quality Wis +4, yellow slot (+30 Striding)
Bracers: Legendary Bracers of the Fallen Hero (currently empty) 19 str, 22 stun, 9 insightful con, 12 quality PRR
Quiver: Epic Purifying Quiver blunted ammo (allows LD pulverizer to work) +1d8 burning damage
Swaps / clickies: Void (for arrow clickie), neck Legendary Rose Quartz Sigil Stone 3 charges of deathward,

Build Concept:
Utilizes Scion of Ethereal Plane for to utilize high hide / SA damage
Max Hide to add SA damage
Reliable cc with Paralyze and Fear
Ways to make SA vulnerable: Pin, Sniper shot, headshot, bluff, imp deception item
Survivability with empowered healing, cocoon, cure serious, max heal skill, some Healing Amp, scroll UMD
Silent Avenger Set - 15% doubleshot, +3 SA dice, 25% Artifact bonus fort bypass, 10% artifact bonus damage to helpless
Adherents of the Midsts Set - 20 profane PRR, 20 profane pos amp, 10 profane RP, 20 profane spell power.
Epic Purifying Quiver blunted ammo allows for the Legendary Dreadnought skill Pulverizer to work. +1 crit range

Posted : Monday, January 14, 2019 1:02 pm
Dick Dancer

This is out of date.  Shiradi now offers quite a bit of Ranged Power, so I may work on a build for that in the future.  I am currently (as of 8/14/19) running the doubleshot build also listed on these forums... and also a bit out of date.

Posted : Wednesday, August 14, 2019 7:32 am